We make business mobile.

We design and build custom mobile applications for business. We love showing people the amazing possibilities and how to get the best out of mobile technology.

We've moved!

We are excited to announce that Michael and Aaron have partnered up with the amazingly talented Andy Skinner and have set up a new home over at Mobile Monastery. We still have the same commitment to quality and customer service and with Andy onboard, there are exciting things planned for the future!

We are of course still serving all our existing Code Monastery customers through the new company and aside from the name change, it's business as usual.

Enquiries – Aaron Bonham: aaron.bonham@mobilemonastery.com

Support: support@mobilemonastery.com

Our commitments

We get mobile

We believe the generation of mobile software born with the iPhone is the first breed of software both useful for, and usable by, anyone. This kind of intimate, immediate and connected software is changing the way we all live.

We simply love solving problems for our customers by exploring these fundamental changes and the new possibilities they bring.

We believe in continually improving the process of creating software, and giving those who create data control over how and when it is used.

We are flexible

We constantly seek to innovate on the process of building software. We are flexible and adaptable to work styles, but truly excel at creating something amazing when working as flexibly as possible.

Embracing flexibility through a project is the ultimate way to get the very best possible outcome. The traditional model of assuming every possible feature, user story and variable can be known upfront results in awkward and forced experiences that may not actually match the real needs of a business.

By accepting the fact that we can't know everything before starting, incorporating feedback, changing business priorities or identifying higher value opportunities through the development process, our customers are consistently more satisfied at the end of a project.

We help people understand

Mobility: what does it mean and why is it so important right now. The aim of Code Monastery is to help our customers understand what this term – and the collection of technologies it encompasses – actually means, how it relates to your business and how to build a successful strategy across the many different concepts it contains.

Our ultimate deliverable is more than simply software, we aim to educate, foster innovation and build a lasting relationship with our customers and partners.

We are partners

We partner with customers, before a single line of code is written, to really understand what drives their business. We use this understanding to design solutions that don't just replace or augment existing technology, they open opportunities never before possible.

The applications we create are simple to use, elegantly engineered and uniquely tailored to our customers. We craft our backend systems to be robust, secure and with the future in mind.

What we do


We realise that mobile technology, devices management, business process and development strategy are complex areas. These are the areas that our expertise shines. We are able to assist in all stages of mobile rollouts, IT planning, MDM, business design and process analysis. Contact us to discuss how we can help even before a line of code is written.


Design is so much more than simply the way something looks. We design applications with the user front and centre. To do this we design and architect every area of our solutions with the same amount of care. From server to network to application, each component is planned, created and finished to an exacting standard.


We specialise in connecting mobile devices to business critical infrastructure. We architect and engineer all components of our solutions, from the mobile applications to custom API servers for interfacing with existing technology.


We love the people part of our job, whether it's teaching users about the technology or their new app or supporting the IT department in deploying and maintaining our solutions. We stand behind our solutions every time and will always be there for you when it counts.